A downloadable fantasy console for Windows

PQ93 is a fantasy console for making small games. it is available to download and run natively, but you can play the demo in-browser at https://pennie.itch.io/pq93-demo

Platforms:macOS, Windows, Ubuntu,  web (export)
Resolution:160x144 (Gameboy Color)
Colors:16 (arne16 palette), customizable
Audio Voices:4 simultaneous
Cartridge Size:Unrestricted

Other lovely fantasy consoles inspired me to write my own, and this is it.

PQ93 is a fantasy console written in modern C++ (previously in C). it uses Gameboy resolution (160x144), the arne16 color palette, and MoonScript. It runs on Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu.

Included in pq93 is a command shell and editors for code, sprites, sound effects, music patterns, and maps. You can edit your game cartridges in any external text editor you like, and you can import and export sprite sheets via command.

The delightful code editor font is the lovely monogram by vini. :)

Install instructions

I have done my best to bundle all needed DLLs and such into the respective files for each platform. If you have any difficulty running PQ93 on your machine, please let me know!


PQ93-Manual.pdf 8 MB
demo-carts.zip 12 kB
pq93-win64.zip 3 MB
pq93-projector-win64.zip 2 MB

Development log